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Collegiate proofreading and editing services in English. Lessons in speaking reading and writing in Mandarin.

Welcome to the central point for your linguistic and grammatical maintenance. Here we can give you an update to your written works and provide you with a log containing details as to how it was reformated.

   As a group dedicated to proofreading and editing, we uphold ourselves to a high standard and will do our utmost to ensure that your work is not usurped by another during our processing and handling of said work.


High school essays start at $5 for the first three pages.

Resumés are $5.

Cover Letters are $10.

Collegiate essays start at $5 for the three pages, with an additional $2.50 for each additional page.

For 3-5 pages of a thesis, the price is $10, a complete chapter of a thesis is $20, a complete thesis is $50.

Speeches are $30.

Partial technical reports for jobs are $30, completed reports are $50.

Lessons in Mandarin are $13 per hour.

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